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The portrayal of international stories in U.S. Media: A serious lack of information

By Christopher Pike           The United States has always placed its interests first when it comes to matters of foreign policy. Citizens have been conditioned to relate any transnational issue back to American ideals. Thus, the … Continue reading

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GOP 2012: The Search for Reagan

By Chris Miller                  In the speech he made on April 3rd, 2012 after three disappointing primary losses, Republican Primary Candidate Rick Santorum did what any GOP candidate would do in a moment … Continue reading

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Confusion and Criticism: The Kony 2012 Phenomenon

By Jessica Kroenert It is pretty clear that Joseph Kony is one of the most talked about people of 2012 thus far, and it seems that nearly everyone I know has something to say about him. This Kony 2012 phenomenon … Continue reading

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Development for Whom?

By Katrina Steinley            In 1999 the government of Bolivia signed a contract with the company Aguas del Tunari to take over operations of the public water supply, under the guise that privatization would lead to … Continue reading

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Not For Sale

By Leydi Basilio After patiently waiting in line, it was now my turn.  I quickly proceeded to the open window, as indicated by the airport staff. However, I could not even begin to imagine what lied ahead. I handed the … Continue reading

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