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Elections in Greece Bring Hope for Stability

By Alexandra Rockwood Over the past several years, European countries have struggled with mounting economic disparity and political unrest due to the 2008 global financial crisis. Since the crisis, Greece has faced the brunt of these severe economic issues in … Continue reading

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America and Israel: Where We Stand Today

Valerie Sanders This past election season included mentions of domestic woes, poor economic performance, and a graze over of shallow foreign policy. Libya and Iran took most of the attention, but after that, the country that drew interest was the … Continue reading

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GOP 2012: The Search for Reagan

By Chris Miller                  In the speech he made on April 3rd, 2012 after three disappointing primary losses, Republican Primary Candidate Rick Santorum did what any GOP candidate would do in a moment … Continue reading

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Development for Whom?

By Katrina Steinley            In 1999 the government of Bolivia signed a contract with the company Aguas del Tunari to take over operations of the public water supply, under the guise that privatization would lead to … Continue reading

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The One Year Anniversary of Egypt’s Revolution & its Impact on the Local, Regional, & Global Scale

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Anna Tiburzi Despite the stepping down of Mubarak as Egypt’s ruler, the Egyptian revolution has still not accomplished weeding out the political corruption and putting civilians in power. The Muslim Brotherhood and SCAF remain in control of the government, refusing … Continue reading

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