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America and Israel: Where We Stand Today

Valerie Sanders This past election season included mentions of domestic woes, poor economic performance, and a graze over of shallow foreign policy. Libya and Iran took most of the attention, but after that, the country that drew interest was the … Continue reading

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International Institutions and Stability

By Eric Gomez The international system can best be thought of as a complex web of economic, political, and social relationships that are constantly changing to reflect new realities. This astounding complexity is reflected in the various theoretical approaches and … Continue reading

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The portrayal of international stories in U.S. Media: A serious lack of information

By Christopher Pike           The United States has always placed its interests first when it comes to matters of foreign policy. Citizens have been conditioned to relate any transnational issue back to American ideals. Thus, the … Continue reading

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GOP 2012: The Search for Reagan

By Chris Miller                  In the speech he made on April 3rd, 2012 after three disappointing primary losses, Republican Primary Candidate Rick Santorum did what any GOP candidate would do in a moment … Continue reading

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Only Fiscal Policy Can Save Us Now

By David Ceely The US and UK resembled Japan during its lost decade. Real estate prices were in a debt driven bubble. When the bubble burst, asset values collapsed, sending shockwaves throughout the marketplace. Aggressive and unorthodox central bank action … Continue reading

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The Haqqani Network & Its Mysterious Potential: Why More Attention Needs to Be Paid

By Nimesha Perera The recent killing of America’s most wanted man for the past ten years, Osama bin Laden, reminded the public of how the still raging “war on terror” occurring in both the countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan, is … Continue reading

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The Erosion of Democracy

By Eric Gomez NOTE: This article was written in 2009. The worldwide financial crisis that struck a little over a year ago and the ongoing debate over healthcare in America have dominated the discussion in Congress and in the media. … Continue reading

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